Take your Product Management skills to the next level.

A Product Management school for existing and aspiring product people.


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Our online classes and continued education teaches Product Managers the skills they need to level up in the field.

Two tracks for different stages of your career.

The Skill Upper

You’re already a beginner Product Manager. You might not even call it Product Management at your company, but that’s okay. Whether you just graduated from an MBA program or you’ve been transferred to this role at work, this track is for you.

The Career Switcher

This is the first step to becoming a PM! The most crucial part about learning Product Management is practicing your skills. This is a full time track where we set you up with an internship where you will get real world experience.

Curriculum Preview

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  • Problem Exploration and MVPs
  • Understanding Users
  • User Story Mapping
  • Systems Thinking for PMs
  • Product Analytics
  • Roadmapping
  • UX Design Skills
  • Agile and Kanban for PMs
  • And more…

We’re different.

This is a school for Product Managers, by Product Managers. We’ve been there. We’ve seen what it takes to being your career, to level up, and then take over as a Product Leader. We want to support you on that journey.

Our goal is to make Product Management education accessible to everyone, everywhere. We know two-day corporate workshops do not scale to 10,000 product managers in an organization. We know that many individuals do not have $3000 to spend on training out of their own pockets. That’s why we are creating a rich, online program that can scale.

Our school is structured with a core course that helps you level up your Product Management skills, or introduce you to the basics. These are in the form of short engaging videos, with assignments to go practice the skills. There will be opportunities for one-on-one feedback sessions with mentors and teachers. After the course (or even during) you can continue your education through supplemental videos that will take your knowledge even further.


If you are a company interested in bringing training to your product mangers or product owners, please reach out to melissa@produxlabs.com

Our first class will be launching in 2016.

We’ll continue updating this page with more information.

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