Escaping the Build Trap

How Effective Product Management Creates Real Value

“And we’re live!” It’s the battle cry of Product Managers everywhere. A new release is out the door, only to be followed shortly by another. But the sad reality is that most of these efforts do not add any value to a company’s product. Companies that constantly add new features forget to pause and consider if they are actually building the right thing.  False biases lead them to believe that their first ideas are their best ideas, creating an incredible amount of risk, stagnation and failure.

This book is for organizations and product people who understand that if companies want to remain innovative in today’s market, they have to adopt a culture of learning and customer-centric practices that are focused on outcomes over outputs. Product Managers will learn how to overcome product development roadblocks, the secrets to communicating and collaborating within a company structure, and how to build products that benefit both the business and the customer. Companies will learn how to restructure themselves into a Product Management organization, with helpful tips on budgeting, leadership, goal setting, and roadmaps. Readers will walk away from this book equipped with a toolbox of product management principles that can be applied to any company, big or small, and produce real results.

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